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Top Travel Blogs 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome aboard the 2016 Awards for the Top Travel Blogs by Market Inspector!

Who doesn’t like to travel? From exploring different cultures, to trying different dishes, to experiencing new things, and stepping outside of our comfort zones. For some people, travelling is actually a job or part of their job. It allows us to see other countries, build lasting and valuable friendships, test our language skills, adapt to diversity, and enables us to learn more about ourselves.

For some, travelling is more than a simple holiday plan. With dedication and a strong desire for wanderlust, some people have managed to turn their passion for travelling into a successful business. They have entered the world of blogging and are now wandering the globe, either as full or part-time travellers, turning their stories on the road into a profitable a career.

Market Inspector has selected the TOP 50 Travel Blogs of 2016! We have asked each blogger how they started their travel blog journey and what travelling means to them.

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the journey!



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From tomato festivals in Spain to a crepe overdose in France, Bobbi always take the road less traveled and writes about it on 1FUNGRLTRAVELS. Bobbi loves strawberries, rock music and unexpected experiences. As a part-time traveller and blogger, she wants to inspire others to get out of their bubbles and step outside of their comfort zones. She aims to show readers that it is possible to travel solo and without much money.


A Bavarian Sojourn

A Bavarian Sojourn

Emma started writing A Bavarian Sojourn when she decided to live like the Vikings in Denmark. Despite the cold weather and some minor language struggles, Emma and her family found joy in being expats, and they can now be found in the land of Oktoberfest, advocating on behalf of English cuisine.

1) How did you start your travel blog? 
I started my first travel blog back in 2009 when we moved to Copenhagen to keep friends and family up to date with our new lives away from home. It took off from there really.

2) What does travelling mean to you?
Travelling is a huge part of our lives, and we have a great advantage in that living where we do we get to explore lots of new places on our doorstep!

A Lady In London

A Lady in London

A Lady in London was founded in 2007, and in 2010  it became a full-time job for the Californian expat. She left a career in finance to explore the world of blogging and has taken over London as well as over 100 countries. A Lady in London is an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog. It is highly recommended, especially for its photography.

A _move _to _morocco

A Move to Morocco

Cindy – a writer, educator, and single mom – moved to Morocco and created a blog to inspire travel for personal growth, cultural understanding, and the sheer joy of discovering abundant beauty, adventure, and relationships across four continents. A Move to Morocco encourages and equips readers to forget fear and find rejuvenation in travel and/or reinvention in the expat life.

1) How did you start your travel blog? 
Since my Move to Morocco, I have shared my journey across four continents on my travel blog. Crossing the Sahara by camel caravan; dodging monkeys guarding an Indiana Jones waterfall; going Boho solo at a surf/yoga camp; climbing the staircase that inspired Hogwarts; and helping village girls stay in school. I write of firsthand experiences representing what we all crave – beauty, adventure, and relationship. From the beginning family and friends followed, but in 2015 I took my blog to the next level and gained readers by 1) attending the European Travel Bloggers Exchange 2) covering Costa Brava, Spain with tourism boards, 3) affiliating with VizEat, TripAdvisor, and 4) reaching out to other travel bloggers who advised me to use Hootsuite and HARO, which led to interviews by US News and World Report. I continue promoting cultural events – my readers are from 130 countries and many write me asking for travel tips, itineraries and expat advice. In August I’ll make another exciting move, this time to The Dominican Republic, where I’ll promote people and places in the Caribbean. Writing about what makes me happy—spreading good news– has led to success because enthusiasm is contagious.

2) What does travelling mean to you?
Hal Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Travel, to me, is simply coming alive. My love for faraway lands began when I was tiny and my grandmother would fly me to Paris via her rocking chair. We’d eat lunch in sidewalk cafes – TV trays set up in front of her sofa. Though she never ventured abroad and seldom left her home in Kentucky, she was a storyteller who taught me to dream big and to believe that all things are possible. Since then I’ve traveled to over 25 countries. I’ve haggled with Turkish merchants, swooned over Russian ballet, belly danced with Moroccan coworkers, and been rocked from bed by a Costa Rican earthquake. Through it all – and particularly just doing life with friends from around the world – I’ve never felt more alive. Travel has provided personal growth, cultural understanding, and sheer joy. It has freed me to let go – especially of fear – to live a new, exciting story wherever and however I choose. Extended travel and expat living is more than rejuvenation; it’s reinvention. Travel provides clarity and confidence. It means living the life I’ve imagined.

A _nerd _at _large

A Nerd At Large

As the name of the blog suggests, Steph is a nerd who loves to discuss fascinating and weird museums, architectural wonders, wacky festivals, and art that she has experienced on her travels. Steph’s mission on A Nerd At a Large is to bring people with the same interests together.

1) How did you start your travel blog? 
I started A Nerd at Large, which highlights the geeky side of travel, because I felt that the way that my friends and I travel was not reflected in the media. My motivation is to tell amusing stories that highlight usual attractions and destinations that pique my interest. My friends and colleagues were often amazed by my discoveries of fascinating, offbeat things to do on my trips, and I decided to share that with the wider world. At the time I was already blogging in a professional capacity for a large travel brand, so I had the necessary technical expertise. I put a great deal of effort into honing my niche — deciding what my blog was and wasn’t about — and that is something hugely important that has paid off for me. Blogging about a subject that I am incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about has also been advantageous and satisfying.

2) What does travelling mean to you?
I have always had an intense curiosity about the world and thirst to travel. It is something for which I am hardwired. I love to experience new things, notice the subtle differences from place to place, and learn different approaches to everyday problems. Travel is enormously transformative and inspiring. I feel so strongly about it that I’ve worked in the industry my entire adult life.

Absolutely Lucy

Absolutely Lucy

Lucy loves festivals, laughter and of course, travelling. She left her journalism career behind to explore the world and create unforgettable memories along the way. Absolutely Lucy is where she shares all the struggles and glories about her journey, and where she tries to inspire others to start their own adventures around the world.

1) How did you start your travel blog? 
Absolutely Lucy started up as a lifestyle blog in 2013, it was a hobby alongside working as a journalist. But it was the summer of 2014 when I really started to take it seriously, went self-hosted and relaunched it as a travel, festivals and lifestyle blog just six months before setting off to travel the world solo. I had always known that travelling was a real passion of mine, but that trip really showed me how travelling could become my lifestyle and how blogging was a huge part of that. Now Absolutely Lucy documents my adventures as I travel around the world solo.

2) What does travelling mean to you?
To me, travelling means freedom. Freedom from the norm, in how I want to live my life, in where I want to be and who I want to be with. Living a life away from everything I’ve ever known gives me a chance to be the person I really want to be, away from society’s rules and the way “I should be behaving”. It means escape, travelling gave me a way to escape the life I was living – the job that was running me into the ground, and the nine-year relationship that had crumbled around me. Now, travelling means adventure, it means always planning my next escapade and meeting exciting new people, always living in anticipation of what is yet to come. To me, travelling is life.

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